All Projects

I like to make small experiments and track larger efforts. I try to link to all of them here which is a project in itself.

One of my ongoing projects is to improve this website.

It took some effort to work out how to write ad-hoc script and style tags in JSX and MDX so I could do experiments with the comfort of markdown and components.

I experimented with the idea of a pop-out to collect widgets from around a page to keep them visible.

I tried to make a precision timer in JavaScript.

I finally added an RSS feed to this site.

I tried writing FizzBuzz in CSS.

I attempted a symbolic differentiator.

I tried to add Supabase authentication to my site.

I started playing a DnD game.

I started to make a narrative browser game about an interactive chat log after I had ruminated on it for a while.

I explored lessons which I could take back from Hyperscript to JavaScript.