All Projects

I like to make small experiments and track larger efforts. I try to link to all of them here which is a project in itself.

One of my ongoing projects is to improve this website.

It took some effort to work out how to write ad-hoc script and style tags in JSX and MDX so I could do experiments with the comfort of markdown and components.

I experimented with the idea of a pop-out to collect widgets from around a page to keep them visible.

I tried to make a precision timer in JavaScript.

I finally added an RSS feed to this site.

I tried writing FizzBuzz in CSS.

I attempted a symbolic differentiator.

I tried to add Supabase authentication to my site.

I started playing a DnD game.

I started to make a narrative browser game about an interactive chat log after I had ruminated on it for a while.

I explored lessons which I could take back from Hyperscript to JavaScript.

I expressed some thoughts about a codeable, shareable webpage. Like Codepen but with more control on the entire page.

I started playing with the idea of progression in games

I began to work on a new site generator for my website (this website) with a custom implementation of JSX instead of NakedJSX

I started making a page for printable, reproducible cards for a party game I'd started to design.

I wrote about prior work I'd done to persist Emacs Evil-Mode (vi key) macros to share.

I made a place to take notes about taking care of my plants.

I began to work on an application to track body weight.

I rambled about Joel Spolsky's legendary article "Making Wrong Code Look Wrong" here.

I made a small tool for louder JS variable stores using a Proxy.

I began to use to schedule my time.

I made myself a New Tab page.

I began the arduous process to switch my main google account after so many years of using one.

I explored the Playdate and 100rabbits's Uxn here.

I began solving the Cryptopals challenges.

I explored how to target edits to my MDX source files from the front-end of my site.

I made a small experiment with Tone.js to create generative rain-like sounds.

I explored the Forth language.

I explored how to use my Android device as a screen for my PC via SSH and tmux.

I began playing with a concatenative language over JavaScript.

I attended the Recurse Center.

I made a small typing game as an experiment.

I investigated Blaseball and how to make a game like Blaseball.

For creative coding, I played with a realtime scene with dialogue.

I played with JavaScript's new keyword and function calls.