Scheduling with

My availibility for a 30 min chat. If you don't want to provide your e-mail, just send me a note with which time works for you!


Wed Jan 03 23:03:37 PST 2024

Made this page as a quick tool to send people to start the conversation to schedule some time together.

Mon Jan 8 11:25:51 PM PST 2024

Reduced the wording. Don't want to burden anyone with a wall of text.

Wed Jan 17 12:31:29 PM PST 2024

Had an issue where I couldn't configure which of my included calendars were read for my availability. The effect was that calendars I had imported for tracking, which did not mean I was busy, were also blocking off possible times in

Future: George told me that Google Calendar had recently released their own tool which was a direct competitor to I tried that out instead. When I checked that out, I found that it wouldn't let me use my imported calendars to avoid conflicts without paying for Google One. Ugh. This tied into my project to switch my Google accounts. I was already paying for Google One on my other account!