Project: Switch Main Google Account


Thu Jan 04 18:13:20 PST 2024

I began by migrating my Google Password Manager file from one account to another. In Chrome -> 3-dot menu top-right -> Passwords and Autofill -> Google Password Manager -> Three bar menu top-left -> Settings -> Export passwords. Then, switch accounts and do the same but Import the passwords. IMPORTANT: Remember to delete the export file afterwards, so no trace of your exposed passwords are sitting on disk.

Sun Jan 7 10:42:41 AM PST 2024

Future: I had to mark all my gmail e-mails as read. I had over 24,000. Since I'd been forwarding them to my other e-mail, they were all addressed and I simply wanted to mark them as read. I never used Google mail's archive feature - that might be something to reflect on as well.

Future: I had to forward my e-mail from my original account to my new account. I also changed a couple other ancillary accounts to forward to my new account instead of the original.

Future: I had to migrate my Contacts from my original account to my new account

Future: I had to migrate my Google Tasks from my original account to my new account. Luckily with Calendars, I could just import them and share them normally.

Future: I had to investigate whether I could change my main account on Google Fi. Maybe I'd need to start a new Google Fi account? Or maybe this was an opportunity to look for a new provider?