Add RSS to my site.


Sun Sep 17 12:28:40 AM PDT 2023

First I found how to get the RSS feed for one of my favorite YouTube channels which I already happened to follow via an Android RSS aggregator app Feeder:


I figured if anyone would have a quality RSS example, it would be YouTube or podcasts.

I then Googled around for "RSS npm package" and found a couple packages and a tutorial.

The tutorial pointed me to the feed NPM package which I hadn't seen in my initial search.

I installed feed. Then I grabbed the example configuration code from their readme and began to fill it in.

import { Feed } from "feed";

const feed = new Feed({
  title: "Reed's Website",
  description: "Updates and additions",
  id: "",
  link: "",
  language: "en", // optional, used only in RSS 2.0, possible values:
  image: "",
  favicon: "",
  copyright: "All rights reserved 2023, Reed Spool",
  // updated: new Date(2013, 6, 14), // optional, default = today
  generator: "awesome", // optional, default = 'Feed for Node.js'
  feedLinks: {
    rss2: ``,
    json: ``,
    atom: ``,
  author: {
    name: "Reed's Website",
    email: "",
    link: ""

That was easy, so I moved on to considering how I would populate the feed with posts. The example code in feed's README:

  url, description, content, date, image
} => {
    id: url,
    link: url,
    author: [],
    contributor: [],

So those were the properties I needed to derive for each post:.

{ url, description, content, date, image }

Before moving on, I wanted to verify that the code would work, so I added it to my compilation script.

I realized I'd need to export each title from each project file because I'd need to put that in each feed. I'd probably want to export a description as well. I wasn't sure what would go in the content field.

Before doing that, I decided just to push the working RSS and try to put it in my own RSS feeder to see what the audience experience is like.

I was easily able to add the feed on my reader app!

I made a new page that would be a reverse-chronological change-log from which my RSS feed would be generated. I did this instead of simply adding each new page to my blog because I wanted my site to be filled with long-lived, often-updated project pages. I'd want a place to write about and link to my updates rather than making a brand new page before making a new post to my RSS feed.

I experimented with some bogus entries in my feed and watched how they looked in my app. They generally looked pretty terrible!

Tue Sep 19 09:20:28 PM PDT 2023

I added an RSS feed link to my page generic footer. I used an icon from the Boxicons project.