Topic: Operating This Website

Development Environment Setup

Node and NPM required. npm install to install local development environment.

npm run build to build production site into build/ directory.

Run npm run start and npm run start:css in separate terminals at the same time.


Netlify automatically deploys the main branch from GitHub every push.

Making a new post

  1. Make a new file under the posts directory with an .mdx suffix.
  2. Restart the dev server (npm run start) to regenerate the static post import file.
  3. Create a new entry in the slugs data in Link.jsx.
  4. Link to your new page from somewhere with the <Link slug="..."> component.


Sat Oct 14 12:51:27 AM PDT 2023

I created this page to document some common processes I use on this website. I also linked to the source code's root README file to this page. instead of repeating content like dev environment setup.